The dilemma of ‘Not enough Time’

And just like that I’s already another 4 weeks behind us, and November is here, which means we move into a new Focus of the Month at The Conscious Lab.

This month we invite you to explore TIME and our relationship to it (or, as Heidegger suggests realising we ARE it) in a way that results in feeling less anxious about not having enough of it, worrying that we can’t control/manage it (we can’t) or the deeper angst that we’re somehow wasting it.

Four Thousand Weeks, by Oliver Burkeman is the book I’m taking inspiration from this month, and the premise that

the more we embrace our limitations regarding time, (which he elegantly refers to as FINITUDE) the less anxious and happier we’ll be.

He challenges the notion that the more efficient we are, the more time we’ll have and instead invites us to embrace the fact that we cannot and will not get everything done, and that by fully and deeply embracing this reality we become profoundly freer and alive to what really matters.

It’s an idea that the Yogis have internalised and lived for over two thousand years, but Four Thousand weeks brings it into modern day relevance, considering our pathological desire for success and fulfilment.

I hope you’ll join us for our yoga, meditation, and healing sessions as we orientate them around this topic this month: Enter The Conscious Lab


The Conscious Lab Team



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